La dieta mediterránea experience in AGAPANTO

The Mediterranean “DIET” comes from the Greek and means lifestyle and way of life.

It includes not only the food, but is part of the culture of the Mediterranean countries. It has always been and remains the kitchen and the food is the best pharmacy.

Eating together is an anchor and a foundation for social habits and has always been a central focus of human life.

„your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food“


The poetry of indulgence in Port de Sóller. Right at the Sea, a unique, enchanting place:
Bar and Restaurant Agapanto

Sitting on the terrace surrounded by beautiful flowers and herbs which release their perfume, gently blending with the salty breeze of the sea, reveals the astonishing view of the natural harbour. In the background the impressive Tramuntana Mountains are drenched in the amber lights of the setting sun while ambient music is indulging your ears.
Allowing yourself to feel the ambience and harmony of this charming place you will be captivated by our Mediterranean-Mallorquin cuisine and our excellent wines. Capturing the beauty of this unique moment is the poetry of pure indulgence.


June 2024
Jun 25
25 June 2024

❤ Smooth Jazz, Pop & Lounge ❤ 25.06.2024

AGAPANTO — Flower of Love
Jun 26
26 June 2024

❤ Design Made in Sri Lanka❤ 26.06.2024 - 01.07.2024

AGAPANTO — Flower of Love
Jun 27
27 June 2024

❤ Música Cubana ❤ 27.06.2024

AGAPANTO — Flower of Love
July 2024
Jul 02
02 July 2024

❤ Chill out - Lounge - World Music ❤ 02.07.2024

AGAPANTO — Flower of Love